Sporting Goods

Along with American Outdoors being the home of Mrs. Doe Pee's Buck Lures, a full line of Mrs. Doe Pee products are available in the shop.

Welcome to Mrs. Doe Pee's Buck Lures!

Our philosophy is simple, we carry the best outdoors products. They are the very same products we use ourselves. If we do not have the product you are looking for, we can order it.

Bow Inventory

Some of our inventory includes:

  • Matthews Bows
  • Mission Bows
  • Bowtech Bows
  • Diamond Bows
  • PSE Bows
  • Scorpyd Crossbows
  • Carbon Express Arrows
  • Montana Black Gold sights
  • T.R.U. releases
  • Vortec Optics
  • crafts and gifts for the ladies
  • many more hunting and paintball supplies!
  • Paintballs
  • CO2 fills + compressed air

Sam's custom made chandelier