Animal Health/CWD

There is a movement through the Dept. of Natural Resources to outlaw the use of natural urines for hunting purposes. Vermont DNR Commission made up of 12 lay people voted to outlaw use of natural deer urines for hunting in 2016. Early June, Virginia  DNR Commission of 9 voted to outlaw use of urines  in Virginia.

We at Mrs Doe Pee have a deep love, respect, and admiration for the whitetail deer. It encompasses our own herd of whitetail as well as the whitetail in the wild.

We welcome you to read what we do to make sure we have healthy animals producing great products for you because…..

Urines from Healthy animals DO NOT spread CWD disease!

When Chronic Waste Disease was found in Wisconsin, we here at Mrs Doe Pee farm  were compelled to participate in a monitoring program to verify our animals health and to ensure we would be part of a solution and not be part of a problem. We were under the jurisdiction of the Iowa DNR at that time. With no program in place, we were sending brain stem samples on whitetail we lost in the herd to Colorado State Labs for CWD testing. The elk producers were under Iowa Dept. of Agriculture. We were able to get our elk on a CWD monitoring program in July 2002.  By Oct. 2002, a CWD monitoring program was in place for our whitetail.

What does it mean to be on a CWD monitoring program?
  • Continued observance of fencing by the Iowa DNR to make sure our animals remain contained.
  • Continued identification of each animal with 2 USDA approved tags. 
  • Continued yearly inventory showing DOB for all natural additions, and date of sale or death. Each animal must be accounted for. This is done by the State Veterinarian staff who at that time also verify the health of the herd. We closed herd our herd. This means we no longer purchased other live animals to add to our herd. We utilized artificial insemination for different blood lines to avoid inbreeding. We only buy semen from herds who are as accredited as we are. The cost is a minimum of $10,000 every 3 years. Take the heads of all deceased herd animals with ID tags in place to our local vet who obtains and submits a brain stem sample for Chronic Waste Disease testing. Cost $100.00 each. The ID also verifies this animal has left our herd. Each animal carcass then must be buried
If you meet all the criteria each year you progress to the next year. We are currently nearing the end of our 13th year of CWD monitoring.

See Elk herd, IA 100 and Whitetail herd, IA 100W certificates (One of the first herds in Iowa to be monitored in our state!)

Please find a letter signed by our Iowa State Veterinarian, Dr. David Schmitt. He tells us to just keep doing what we are doing!

Since the beginning of being on the program we have had 330 animals die. Only 2 elderly does are still living from 2002 who have not been tested as they are enjoying a long life. 

We do not buy urines from any other farm. All urines sold through Mrs Doe Pee Bucklures and through our American Outdoors Archery Shop near Salem, Iowa are collected from our own farmed whitetail and elk.

We also have participated in the optional USDA whole herd TB programs since its inception in the early 90’s with negative results.

In 2014, we also tested the entire herd for Brucelosis, with negative results. The Vet and testing costs for these 2 programs are between $3000-$4000 every 3 years.         

We started to vaccinate for EHD in 2009. Each fawn receives 2 injections initially, then 1 yearly @ $6.00/ injection.

In 2014 the USDA passed a law that a Veterinarian must read both forms of identification in each animal at least once every 3 years. This was completed in our herd in 2014. See certification.


Much of our penned area is already double fenced. We have acquired additional fencing to complete the double fencing project. We do not have chronic waste disease in the wild here.

Our animals are fed excellent Dairy Quality hay purchased from a local farmer.

In 2002, we stopped giving tours through our facility to prevent contamination.

Our collection facility has a dual floor system whereby the feces is on one floor and the urine is on another where it flows into a container in a cooling pit. Everyday our animals are out for exercise, sunshine and food while we clean our flooring system.

Unlike synthetic lures, you do not need an MSDS sheet on our natural urine products.

WE ARE PROUD TO SAY WE HAVE TAKEN THESE STEPS TO MAKE SURE WE ARE OFFERING OUR CUSTOMERS PRODUCTS FROM DISEASE FREE ANIMALS. None of these programs are mandatory. For those who feel we are in this business for money, calculate the cost of the programs. They do not include facility cost, on site expense, or our time.

There is no one in the world who cares more about the health and welfare of the captive and wild whitetail deer than us here at Mrs Doe Pee where ever they reside in the USA. Whitetail deer are not a hobby, not a job, not a career; they are our life. We are simply trying to be the best stewards of the land and natural resources we have.

For the guidance and support in these programs, we thank Iowa Dept. of Agriculture State Veterinarian  Dr. David Schmitt and Southern Iowa State Veterinarian Dr. Robert Welander. Our local Veterinarian, Dr. Rich Howie, Iowa USDA Veterinarian, Dr. Kevin Petersburg. Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources Wildlife Biologist, Dr. Dale Garner and Henry County DNR officer Dan Henderson.

Sam & Judi Collora