Sam Collora's Record Breaking Buck
"The Collora Buck" taken 10-11-1996 by Sam Collora. The highest gross scoring typical Whitetail ever harvested with a bow.

Here is his story, in his own words.

Sam Collora with his Whitetail Monster!
"After about 45 minutes of relaxation, watching the squirrels play and enjoying nature's show, I caught movement to my left. I was looking at one of the biggest deer I had seen in my life. This buck had not crossed the drag rag trail, but was downwind of me, walking with his nose in the air directly toward the estrus scented Drag Rag I had soaked with our Mrs. Doe Pee's Fresh Doe/Estrus Blended Urine. He thought he had the first doe in heat! " Said Collora, "When the buck got to about 30 yards from the Drag Rag, he stopped and looked to his left. If, for some reason he turned, he would be out of shooting range. So while his head was turned, I drew the bow. My heart was pounding so loud. I thought I was losing it! I told myself to 'get it together' and settle down. The buck then turned back toward the Drag Rag, nose in the air again. He dropped his ears to a horizontal position. I relaxed. This buck had no clue I was there. The buck then turned to his right, giving me a right to left shot. As he came nearer to my shooting lane, I drew my bow and led him a little. With the sight on the center of the buck's shoulder, I released the arrow"

For Sam Collora, the moment was burned into his mind, the exact moment when the arrow made contact. The arrow hit with a solid 'smack', "Like a boat paddle slapping the mud". Sam had hit the scapula and a third of the arrow was sticking out of him. His heart sank.

Sam Collora on Whitetail Magazine
"I watched as he bolted away and at eighty yards out he piled up. I knew he was sick. I must have gotten better penetration than I thought. Suddenly he was back on his feet. Then when he came to a fence at 150 yards I watched him pile up again. I could no longer see him but I could see the white fletching of the arrow."

"He was awesome! The Rocky Mt. 'GATOR' Expandable Broadhead had penetrated the scapula far into the lung! I estimated his weight at 325 to 350 lbs. I knew he was a great buck and that I had just hit the highlight of my deer hunting career." Sam Collora